What Inspires Amanda the designer and creator of JewellerAJGreen

What Inspires Amanda the designer and creator of JewellerAJGreen

My ethos on my creations.

I have so many influences, and I get ideas from everywhere, but it always comes down to clean simple lines that have fluidity and a sense of movement. I have a love of modernism and the Bauhaus design movement and always been attracted to this aesthetic from a very young age. I have always been an avid charity/thrift store shopper as my gran would take me into these stories as a child. The age 16 I started collecting textiles, Pottery furniture from these movements. Only when I began to attend art school that I begin to understand what these movements represented.  To this day, they deeply influence my designs with truth material clean lines abstract forms.

During the creative process, I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I keep my use of chemicals to a minimum and jewellers have always recycled their scraps and melted down old jewellery, and I do the same. When doing goldwork, I upcycle old Gold by removing any stones in the jewellery and having the Gold refined back to pure Gold then if need I will purchase new Gold to create modern heirlooms. I am also able to source ethically mined Gold, but customers must request this as this does affect the price point, and the same goes for stones.


  • Chair: Bauhaus, Cantilever Chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
  • Wooden Shelves:  Craftsman Joseph Walsh, Olive ash enignum IV series.
  • Wooden sculpture: Isamu Noguchi I really love the design of his public space he has done he such prolific artist and his craftsmanship and visions give me a feeling of calmness and awe.
  • Room: Walter Grupus Office at Weimer Bauhaus 1924 (I have had a postcard this room since was 20 a good friend sent me it said she saw this as my ideal room. She saw me before I saw my self as she was right to love to have this room.
  • White Marble Sculpture: Barabar Hepworth, I love this women's work in my home town in the UK we have a few of her sculptures at the local art gallery and always gravitated to her work so want to touch it feel it smooth feminine and strong quality.
  • Curvey Lines: Unknow 

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