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CONTOUR - Chain Necklace IIII

CONTOUR - Chain Necklace IIII

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Behold our exquisite Contour Chain Necklace, a masterpiece crafted from sterling silver 1 mm wire jump rings. Each ring is meticulously shaped into organic contours inspired by map contour lines. This versatile, non-binary piece is perfect for any occasion, with a small S clasp allowing you to adjust the length to suit your outfit. Customizable in 14k, 18K, 22k Gold, and available in the colours of Pale Yellow, Deep Yellow, White, or Rose Gold and sterling silver.


  • Sterling silver.
  • Option for gold 10k,14k 18k yellow, white, red & rose gold. Please contact for pricing and availability.


    • Please note that dimensions may differ slightly as each piece is handcrafted.

    Made to order in approximately 1-2 weeks.

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