Goodbye summer and hello to Christmas madness.

The nights are a little cooler and the plants are just starting to turn. I have been busy in the studio and pottering in my garden. I am in the middle of trying to harvest all that I have grown. I am not an amazing gardener, I just like to plant things and enjoy watching the plants grow. I am told my garden is very British, as it is a bit of a ramble of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Fall is my favourite time of the year, the light and the colours are always majestic and the cool temperatures are my favourite, because I get the chance to wear a sweater (jumper to my fellow Brits) coupled with a fabulous pair of earrings of my own creation.
Summer has been a busy season for me, and it was my first year of putting myself out there at all the markets. The response has been positive, and it was so wonderful to meet my customers and make friends with new creatives, but I am looking forward to a little downtime before the Christmas madness starts.

I listen to podcasts all the time, while I am creating in the studio. Here are a few of my favourites:

Podcast on the history of fashion, being an ex-fashion designer this is right up my alley.


On how and why things are designed the way they are. The latest of interest was about how the world was designed for men and doesn’t consider that women have different needs and habits. Well worth a listen. Late night Women’s Hour by the BB


Here is a list of all the markets I will be attending this Fall.

Hope to catch some of you there.

Fall / September


Refresh Market – September 13 (4pm to 9pm), September 14 (10am to 5pm)

Location: West Coast Railway Heritage Park, 39645 Government Rd, Squamish, BC.
Over 75 artist and makers, this is my hometown and my first time being a vendor at the market.
The start of Christmas Madness