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Letterpress-Printed Holiday Cards & Tags

I have partnered up with Dogwood Letterpress to give you a one-stop shopping experience you can now buy handcrafted cards and tags with your jewellery purchase. Jewellery always makes a fabulous gift and a beautifully crafted card just gives that final thoughtful touch. You can also personalize the card with a message and I can send it directly to the recipient along with your jewellery purchase.

Lisa is the designer and creator of Dogwood Letterpress, and she hand draws all of her images. Once the design has been finalized, she then hand-carves them into linocuts, photopolymer plates, and then hand presses them using a vintage letterpress. The machine she uses is from the early 1900s Chandler & Price platen presses were she hand-sets metal & wooden type to create the typography for each card along with the illustration. Her work is done to such perfection, and the card that it is printed on is so soft and at the right thickness, you know you have something special in your hands.